Dryer Vent Cleaning



Clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of residential fires in the U.S. According to the Consumer Products Saftey Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires, 10 deaths, 310 injuries and over $84,000,000 in property damage resulting from clothes dryers.
Indoor air quality is a major issue for building owners and accumulation of lint and reduced exhaust airflow provide conditions ripe for a fire. Lint is highly combustible and is actually one of the main ingredients for home-made fire starters.


A clean exhaust duct allows discharge of the heat, moisture and combustion byproducts in the case of a gas-fired dryer without resistance. The resistance will create back-pressure in the system. Without good exhaust flow through the system, clothes take much longer to dry resulting in wasted energy, natural resources and time. The result will show up in increased utility costs


If a dryer takes twice as long to dry clothes as it should, the number of loads of clothes it will dry is cut in half. You will effectively only receive half of the dryer’s service life. The dryer running at unnecessarily higher temperatures can decrease the life even more. This can lead to the heating element burning out, or fire could ignite as a result of worn out safety controls.up for a lack of room behind the dryer. Vent only to the outside – do not vent the dryer into an attic or crawl space. Make sure the exterior vent cap is not obstructed. Trim shrubbery around the vent in order to maintain at least 12 inches of clearance. Do not use the dryer for drying clothes or rags which have been used to absorb flammable liquids. Never use your dryer when you are asleep or away from home. Don’t forget to read manufacturers’ warnings in use and care manuals that accompany new dryers. Also, warning markings can usually be found on the inside

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